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Web Request action issue

Question asked by janardhan on Feb 26, 2016

Hello Guys,


I am using Web Request action to connect from one system to another system with "web service api".

Though I have checked log which we are sending parameter values to web request, I am getting all values.

But the result or response which we get is blank for some times and some times we are getting the response(most of the time we may not get the response).

Please find the below screenshot where I have checked with going to view workflow history, the action is running with all parameter values but we get blank response

Please find the below screenshots of log when we get response  from book-ride.


Please find the attachments of workflows where I used and let me know if have any bugs or issue in this. This is very urgent.

1. MUV_TravelRequestWorkflow_1_FullLogic.nwf is a workflow started only when item is created.

2. MUV_TravelRequestWorkflow_2_FullLogic.nwf is a workflow started only when item is modified and starts the 3rd workflow with particular conditions.

3.MUV_WebRequest.nwf is a workflow where we are using web request action to run web service api to get response from other system.


Thanks in advance