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Run if Doesn't seem to Work

Question asked by melissac on Feb 26, 2016
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I was wondering if you guys can give me a hand here!

I created a Subscription List  It contains a Look up column with 5 Products ( Product A, Product B and so on). When a user wants to get notifications on one or more of the product they can submit a request to Subscribe to Notifications for Products A- E. The form is on a List the user selects which product they want to get notifications on. I have a WF on the Subscription List that Query the List and gets the Product and email group to the product. It needs look for the group in the LDAP and adds the user's name.  This works great if I only have one choice (one product) but I can't figure out how to get it to add to each specific lists.


So John Smith Wants Notifications on Product A, Product B and Product E.  I query the list and then added a for each and within the for each I have a parallel action that has 5 Run If states (Run if Product A = or contains (neither work) in the Product (that I get from Query) if so then add the user to the Product A list.) I can't get it to look in the "Run if" Statement it either doesn't look in the statement or performs the statement when it's not suppose to.   

I tried to have a condition for each Product but that didn't work either. 


The Query Action is as follows Filter ID = ID, Stores Product Name in a Collection Variable, Product Group email in Collect Variable

In the for each take the Collection Product Name Variable and store in a List ID Variable - This didn't work so I added it to Single line of text.