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Switch vs. Set Condition vs. State machine

Question asked by sharepointsean on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by jesse.mchargue

Hello Everyone,


I am looking for some input from the community on the following question - Switch vs. Set Condition vs. State machine, what would you use and what have you used?

First let me give you my scenario. I have a Purchase Order requisition list created in SharePoint 2013 in an on premise installation. In the workflow I generate a PO number (this is working fine), but I have two conditions that I need to have the PO checked against. The conditions are as follows:

1. Is the PO under $10,000 or is it over $10,000.

2. Is the PO within the budget or is it not within the budget.

I have tried to configure the workflow using Set Conditions to evaluate the above two conditions where one Set Condition is nested below the other, see the screen capture below:

Nested Set Conditions.jpg

The issue here is that the PO validates against the first Set Condition and then by passes the second Set Condition. I have included the content of each Set Condition in screen captures below:

Is the PO under $10,000 or is it over $10,000.


Is the PO within the budget or is it not within the budget.

within budget.jpg


So I started to dig into the Nintex features and decided to try adding another State Machine to my workflow seeing that I already had a State Machine object in my workflow and it was working fine. The issue I am having with the second State Machine is that it is not completing properly and it only completes State 1 and does not move on to State 2. I have included screen shots of the second State Machine workflow and the out come.


state 2.jpg


State Machine Fail

state 2 fail.jpg


Now I am wondering if using a Switch will work better than nested Set Conditions or a State Machine. If someone could provide some clarification on this question it would be appreciated. Even better if someone could share some examples of a workflow were they have used a Switch workflow object to evaluate multiple conditions that would be appreciated.