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how to locate Action Set Snippets ? to export from one site to other site ?

Question asked by manju.mandava on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by ballardnintex

Hi all,


Can someone help me in Nintex workflows 2010 where can i locate the snippets(action set snippets) that i have saved ? other than inside the workflow option as 'My snippets'


I have to upload couple of changes in nintex workflow, from development site to Live site. Workflow is very big one and i have major changes those needs to be uploaded on Live sit workflow. I thought i can save the changes on development site as  snippets (action set snippets) and export them to Live site. I saved all the changes inside multiple action sets and saved them as snippets.


I can see these snippets on my development site workflow but not able to locate them physically where they are present. so that i can copy those snippets to Live site.


Thanks for the heads up on this issue.