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Workflow start form: dynamic redirect on submit

Question asked by tobale on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by bstori

Hi all,


I wanted to ask for some input for the following scenario:

  1. Nintex Workflow: Creates a list item
  2. Nintex Forms: used as workflow start form.

What I want to do: Redirect the user to the newly created list item (EditForm.aspx?ID=xxx in this case) after the form was submitted.


I'm creating the list item by using the web service action. After that, I use the query XML action to parse the web service results, which gives me the new Item ID. I now tried to use the 'Forms Redirect URL' setting of my start form, and use the workflow variable to build the redirect URL. Unfortunately, the value of this variable is 0, which seems that the variable's value is fetched on form load.


I tried to use the 'Load realtime workflow data' setting (which is kind of undocumented?), in the hope that the latest variable values are used, which was not the case.


Can somebody help me with this?


Many thanks,