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List Lookup on form works until underlying list refreshed and then json error on submit.

Question asked by on Feb 23, 2016
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I have a list populated using Nintex O365 workflow that accesses data from an oData Web Service exposed from our enterprise.

This works fine and populates a list with 2 fields ContainerNo and ID as below. This workflow deletes all items in this list and repopulates each time the workflow is run.


I have created a Nintex O365 form that is exposed for Nintex  Mobile, iPhone and iPad and uses a "PreLoad Container Inspection List" as its source.

As part of this form I have a list lookup that looks up the ContainierNo's from the PortPackContainers and inserts the ContainerNo from the PortPackContainers list into the PPContainer item on the PrelLoad Container Inspection List on submit.



When first creating this Form I had an issue where I get the below error on Submit


After 2 days of frustration I deleted the Container field from the "PreLoad Container Inspection List" and created a new field called something similar ContainerNum

This fixed the error and the container number updated no problem. Unfortunately my excitement has been short lived and it appears as though (and this may be a red herring) that when the PortPackContainers list is refreshed from the Web Service the inspection form again breaks with the above error. The only way I can stop the error is by replacing the field with a new field - current iteration 'PPContainer' (obviously not a flyer)

Screen shots of List Lookup settings below . Note Nintex form is set for manual refresh.

The issue happens in both Nintex mobile and iPhone modes of form.