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Delete from another SharePoint site

Question asked by janton on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by carl.taute

Hello everyone,


I am new to Nintex but am learning quickly. Glad to see there is a community like this where newbies can ask questions.


I have successfully created a list/library workflow that uses the "Copy to SharePoint" action to copy a document from a document set in a Team Site to a library in another Team Site. The workflow is automatic and fires when a user ticks a "Publish" checkbox in the document properties. So far so good.


I would like to create another workflow that removes the remote copy when a user unticks the Publish checkbox. Couldn't see an obvious way to do this using the "Delete item" action. Tried to do it using the "Copy to SharePoint" action with conditional logic (prior state = Yes) and the overwrite option set to "Remove existing item". No luck.


If anyone could suggest a way to accomplish this "delete remote document" workflow, I would be most appreciative.