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Reminder ignores Due Date in Flexi Task?

Question asked by jaycheong on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by cazza162

Hi everyone,


I'm new to Nintex and have a seemingly simple problem but just don't know why it happened.


Here's the scenario. I'm wanting to test Reminder alerts if an item is not approved/rejected one (1) Day after item creation and every hour thereafter if still not worked on.

  1. I've created a Workflow Variable called "My Due Date Variable".
  2. Added a Calculate Date action. Entered "1" in the Days field. Also ticked 'Use date when action is executed' option. Stored the date in My Due Date Variable.
  3. Added Flexi Task action. Set Due Date field to My Due Date Variable. Under Reminder tab, I added "20" for Number of reminders field. Also added "1" for Hours field.


Problem: I received the email alert 1 hour after item creation (and subsequent hours). It acts as though the Due Date field did not matter and Reminder alerts were not dependent upon Due Date Variable. Shouldn't the Reminder alerts trigger after Due Date has passed?


Appreciate if anyone can shed some light. Using WF 2013 v3.1.6.0. Thanks.


Best regards,