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Querying list to Export Results to Excel

Question asked by joec on Feb 22, 2016

Hi All


Just starting to work with NIntex.  I wanted to ask a few questions about a project I am attempting a solution for.

Here are the high level details.


I have a SP list with 8 columns.  The goal is to allow users to filter on 3-4 of the column headings and export the results to Excel - they prefer not to use the traditional SP OOTB column filter drop list box.  Here is the approach I was thinking through:


- Add 4 drop list boxes with corresponding unique values to the corresponding columns

- A submit button that grabs the 4 selected values and passes them to a Nintex WF

- A CAML query that uses the variables and calculates the results

- The output is sent to an Excel file that prompts the user for a save location


First, am I moving in the right direction?  If so, I got stuck on the CAML query "Output options" option.