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Workflow Email Reminders

Question asked by angelfish42 on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by angelfish42


I would like to have a reminder email set up on my workflow and I am slightly unsure how to do this. I have been reading various things and I am getting a little confused, so apologies if it has been asked before!


What I would like the reminder to do - If the Workflow Status is "In Progress"

Then a reminder email is sent out to the "Approvers" as a reminder to complete the task.

I currently use the following task for the approval task, which achieves exactly what I need -




But I have now found out there is a "Reminder" in the "Assign Flexi Task" .



But it does not really act in the same way as "Request Approval"



Is anyone able to assist, I has seen there is something about "Query List"?  i.e. querying the list status and send an email until it is "complete"?


Any assistance would be appreciated.