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Flexi task issue/question

Question asked by ruedigerwiesel on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by philipplucas

I have a  SharePoint list where on an condition set to '1' a list workflow starts.

This list flow starts a site workflow parsing several parameters to a site flow called "StartTrackingSiteFlow".

In the site flow a collection of users are selected from the AD using an LDAP query.

For all members of this user collection within the site flow another site flow (called "TrackingTask") is started parsing also some parameters and the main content
of this site flow is assigning a flex task to each user.

There is only one outcome possible from the task.

We have defined that reminder will be sent to the assignee after 14 days and the after another 7 days the task will be escalated to the parent initiator (creator of the list entry where the flow was started from).

Assign FlexiTask issue-2016-02-19_10-28-31.gif



Now my question:

How is it possible to get the date/time when the reminder was sent and add this value to a column in the task list.

The same information I want to add for the escalation step.

Assign FlexiTask issue-1-2016-02-19_10-28-31.gif

I hope the description is clearly enough to understand my question. In case you need more information please don't hesitate to contact me.