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Calculated value connected to a field not saved

Question asked by francois on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by francois

Hi Community,


I have created a custom list with 3 columns: Title (Single line of text), Title2 (Single line of text) and TitleConcat (Single line of text).

Next, I have created a form based on that list but with a calculated value connected to the TitleConcat.

The formula of the calculated value was very simple:


Finally, I published the form.

When I create a new item and I save it, the TitleConcat column in the list is still empty.

I had the same form in Nintex Forms OnPremise and it works fine: TitleConcat contains the expected value.

Did or do you encounter a similar issue? How did you solve it?


Note: I don't want to use a calculated column in my list.