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Users with less than full control permission suddenly can no longer start workflows, why?

Question asked by drose on Feb 19, 2016

Using 2010 on SharePoint 2010 enterprise servers users who are not Site Collection Administrators or members of specific groups (but not all!) with 'Full Control' can no longer initiate workflows when using the default 'Start New Workflow' links on the Start New Workflow OOB Nintex page.  This is new and they were all OK before.  Events like adding new items or modifying will start workflows normally.


Interestingly these same users can start workflows if they use our custom javascript that calls the 'Start Workflow on Item' Nintex web service?

We add not impersonation script to the code.


Can someone explain what the difference is between the two methods in accessing user permissions?  We haven't changed any OOB nintex workflow settings so are stuck in how to fix this issue so far.