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How to improve performance with a slow form load with large drop-down list?

Question asked by tnixon on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by tnixon

Hi all - I'd love some input on successful methods to handle large lists on a form.

In my situation I have a simple customer list with 27,000+ rows. I have a separate list with a Nintex form that allows users to add new items to this smaller list. This form uses a list-lookup of those 27,000+ customers meaning I need the users to be able to pick a customer from that huge list. Like most SharePoint sites our admin limits the list views to 5,000 items. To get around this limitation I created 26 views of that customer list, each one for a letter of the alphabet ("A" view displays only customers with the first letter starting with "A" and so on). I know this is a kludgy way to get this to work...which is why I'm looking for advice. And while the form does function, it takes a solid 30 seconds to fully load because it's trying to load all 27,000 customers into those list-lookups. Are there better ways of handling something like this? Perhaps where the form does not need to pre-load the entire customer list when opening?