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How can I update a list entry with an attachment out of a Nintex 2010 workflow?

Question asked by joe.d on Feb 21, 2016
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the first step in internal order form should be a query whether an attachment is added or not. If not a task to the responsible should be send to attach the neccessary document. I took a flexi to assign the task. After that I tried to use "copy element" (or how is it called in English?) to copy the document out of the workflow task into the list entry. But I always create a new list entry with it.... Is it possible to update the existing list entry with an attachment out of the workflow?


EDIT 2016.09.30

Any idea how to extract the attachment from the Task list and save it to the list entry it came from?

I can link the list items via "related Content".


Is a web Service available for it? I couldn´t find one.....


Please help. I need this Option to perform an internal order workflow properly with drawing attachment from our design department.