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How to save values from cascaded dropdowns in the list?

Question asked by wimv on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by abdullahfahmi91

I have successfully implemented on a form a cascade of 2 dropdowns following these instructions:

Cascading drop downs and Nintex Forms for SharePoint


However the instructions don't mention how to save the selected values into the list the form is built on. Only the configuration of the form itself is explained.


I have the following lists:

Company list: has 1 column Company (text)

Product list: has 1 column Product (text)

Feature list: has 1 column Feature (text)

Product portfolio: has columns Product (lookup from Product list) and Feature (lookup from Feature list)

Company products: has columns Company (lookup rom Company list), Product (lookup from Product list), Feature (lookup from Feature list)


On list 'Company products' I have a form. The form has a cascaded dropdown to select Product and Feature. When user selects a Product, the Feature dropdown is filtered to only those for which a relation exists in the list Product portfolio.


The selected values for Product and Feature must be saved resp. in columns Product and Feature of list 'Company products'.


But I can't figure out how.


As a workaround/test I save the values to textfields, but then I only get to see the id of the lookup item, not the value. Something is missing in the instruction.


Please can you assist?