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NCAA bracket in Nintex Form

Question asked by jchendanempower on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by jlukins

I'm trying to make the NCAA basketball bracket out of the Nintex form and push data to a list. So in the company we can all submit a bracket and who ever guessed the most wins will get the final jackpot. But i'm having issue on the regional semifianls pick (2nd drop down)

here is my set up.

All of the initial seeds will be using label function. here for example we have michigan, cin as one game and Kentucky and Duke is one game (just example).

And then the 1st drop down will have Michigan and Cincinnati as the choice. users will pick.

Here is the issue. once i made selections I can't seems to get the final drop down to pick up whatever I have selected. Any ideas on how can i achieve this?