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State Machine Workflow

Question asked by fkc99 on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by kelliganp

We have developed a Nintex 2013 State Machine Workflow for Contracts with the user required to Approve/Reject the request.

The list of approvers is up to 10 people and is sequential with each approval moving it to the next State in the WF. Should someone Reject the request the WF moves the request back to the beginning State of the Workflow which happens to be the person in the Procurement team (i.e A1 = Approver1) that started the workflow. This was the original requirements and is working great but we have now been given a new requirement that will require some re-design of the workflow. The new requirement is to allow the person that is Rejecting the WF to direct the WF to go to a specific approver in the chain of A1 thru A10 so it doesn't have to go thru all of the previous approvers. For Example the CEO (i.e A10) rejects the item he then would like the flexibility to push it back to an earlier level in the Approval Chain. Please note that this WF is not in production yet which means if anyone has a better design than utilizing a State Machine we are open to other designs to provide a solution.


Does anyone have any suggestions from a High level Design viewpoint on the best way to accomplish this requirement?

Any ideas would be most appreciated.