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Workflows Failed to run / Failed to start

Question asked by alvaro.diez on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by colin_e


We are working with SharePoint 2010 and Nintex Workflows, we've got a role similar to an advanced user meaning that we cannot access the central administration settings, not being able to access any error information but the one provided on site when a Nintex Workflow "misbehaves".


That said, we have several site collections with several sub sites on them (around 40 sub sites and growing), some of them have Nintex Workflows running and in some cases workflows fail randomly showing sometimes the "workflow failed to run" message and others the "workflow failed to start" message and even both of them. This error are more common (but not exclusive) in the library workflows than in the list ones.


After reading in the forums about similar errors we've tried different approaches to solve this (following the best practices suggested) including:

- Small sized workflows

- The dehydratation techniques

- Reducing the number of workflows working simultaneously in the site by using "pause"

- And so on


But apparently the errors still persists (not always but often), the most intriguing thing here is that were facing different scenarios even for the same workflow:

- Some executions fail to run / start but later on are able to automatically start / run

- Some fail to run / start and are never able to work

- Some work perfectly well from the beginning


We do not have information about the farm / server configuration, and the system administrators does not seem very enthusiastic about accessing the logs to find a reason for this behavior.


Has anyone faced something like this before? and if so, any ideas on how to solve this or at least where to look at?


Thank you.