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Error handling for action that manage users on O365

Question asked by jackgelo Champion on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by francois



I was looking at the action available of Nintex for O365 to manage user profile and I've found that currently there is no error handling..

I'm trying to create a workflow that, based on some date in a list, will create a user on O365 and assign him some license, I've looked also on Node environment for a similar workflow and I've been able to do that kind of workflow..

The workflow runs correctly if the new username calculated from the workflow is not existing, but if for some reason (depending on naming convention on user account) the username is already existing, the Create O365 user action fails and the workflow get stuck in suspended internal state..

I've tried then to query User Profile by the "new" username before using the create action, but that action errors if the username provided is not existing, so the workflow is stuck again..


Do you have any suggestion on how to check if a username is already existing or not on O365?


Thank you very much for any suggestion!