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infopath approval form

Question asked by on Feb 16, 2016
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Hi All,


I am trying to create infopath approval form. Initiator will fill the form by entering "Assign to" for the approver detail in the repeating table on SharePoint. The intiator may decide to send request to three people, for example, in series in the first level and then further two people in the second level as parallel. I have created following approval form.


Nintex Workflow which i created is shown below,

Nintex form.jpg


Issue i am experiencing is that it is returning empty value after showing all the approver from the form. Secondly, i want to put a conditon that if second colum "order" is equal to "serial", send email notification to all approver.


However, If the "order" field is parallel, then send email notification to the approver in sequential/one at a time/in parallel.




Please advise if there is anything i am missing to make this workflow work. Looking forward for your expert opinion.


Thank you in advance.