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SQL Request Control – Cascading Multiple Fields from SQL Database Table

Question asked by reric99 on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by richardlhughes

Using Nintex Forms 2013 on-premise, I created a form and set a SQL Request Control to display customer’s ID from SQL database table.

Upon ID selection (field: customerID), I need to pull back 3 other fields. customerFirstName, customerLastName and customerEmail. All fields reside in same table.


SQL Request control works fine returning a single value such as:

Display field:   customerID

Returning:       customerLastName


But it doesn’t work at all when I try to return multiple values such as:

Display field:   customerID

Returning:       customerLastName, customerFirstName, customerEmail


I used SQL query with Concat() option and tried selecting fields using Alias name (to be used in Value field). All failed.


Can it be done?

How can I resolve this issue?