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tasks completes iteself when flexi task generates them

Question asked by szykov on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by szykov

Hi folks, i have an issue with tasks (list library). Tasks completes itself.


I have fully workable workflow which i exported from development environment to my production environment. In this workflow i have flexi task and overview action.

On my development environment it works just fine but on production environment it has strange behaviour.

Flexi task or overview action generates tasks with status 'Completed'. Users cant approve/reject because it's already 'completed' and my workflow simply stuck.

I checked my running workflows: no errors inside. It has status 'running'.


I transfered my workflow through standard import/export functionality. What do you think?


Possible ideas from my side:

1) I have different versions of nintex on my development environment and production environment. Development environment has newer version.

Could it cause an issue?

2) On development environment i have English version of Nintex but on my production environment i have Russian version.

Could it affect somehow?