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Second workflow starting first and causing loop

Question asked by jimatfairfax on Feb 13, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by janeyres

My first workflow runs when items are modified and starts a second workflow. Some conditions cause the second workflow to modify a list item and of course this starts the first workflow, which throws an error when it tries to start the second workflow since it is already running. I used to have a condition in the Start when Modified that told it not to run if the second workflow was running. In the dialog box that allows me to set the Start when Modified Condition I recall I had "Second Workflow != 2", with 2 being the code that the workflow is currently running. At some point this disappeared from the dialog box, although it still seemed to work.


I recently had to make a change and now that option isn't available to me anymore. I am using this code in a Filter Action to stop the first workflow when the second workflow is running but I would prefer to not have it start at all. Am I remembering this wrong? I don't see any way to accomplish this in the Start when Modified Conditions anymore. I wasn't setting any fields to compare to (well, that would just trigger it again anyway) so I'm not sure how else I could have been accomplishing this. Any ideas or direction would be appreciated. Thanks -