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[Nintex O365] - A workflow is currently running

Question asked by mtrividic on Feb 12, 2016
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Hello Nintex users,


I have a main workflow which start many other workflow linked to a state machine.

Is there everyone knew why some of my main workflows turn to the suspended state with the error : "A workflow is currently running. Please wait for it to complete."

I know Nintex have a limit of 3 instant of the same workflow in the same item but, I have only one instance of my main workflow. I think this limit is linked to my problem because the items which have an error have respectively IDs : 230, 233, 236, 239. The intermediates items (231,232...) doesn't have errors.


I'm working in Nintex O365 and I hope your help to resolve it.


Thank you a lot for your time.