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Images not saving in Multiline Richtext

Question asked by courtney.shelton Champion on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by zoe

We are currently using Nintex forms on a list that we're doing UAT testing in. The testers are required to provide screenshots of their testing success/failure in the "Analysis & Comments" field per datacut. This field is a multiline enhanced rich text field with 24 lines available for editing.


If they take a screenshot and paste the image in the field, it doesn't save properly. Any text they type will persist, but the image disappears. If you go back in to "edit" the item and go to the field, you can see where the image is supposed to be, though it doesn't render.



Is there any way to fix this or get around it other than uploading each image and inserting it? The only other fix I can think of is using attachments. Is there a reason you can't paste images inline in these fields?