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xPath Query and Collections

Question asked by on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by janeyres

OK so I am working on a project where I need to connect to an external system with a web request and send some SOAP and I get a SOAP response. That all works great. Now I am attempting to parse the SOAP response into several collections. I have a Query XML action where I specify a query like /SOAP-ENV:Envelope/SOAP-ENV:Body/defaultNS:getRecordsResponse/defaultNS:getRecordsResult/defaultNS:number. I am storing the text of this result into a collection. Then I repeat this action a bunch more times for other elements in the SOAP return. Finally I want to loop through the results and add them to a list.


In my Query XML action if I use Run Now I get all the results I am expecting. Output one shows all the numbers, output 2 shows all the states with no xml or markup being displayed. After this I do a collection Action to get a count of the elements in the collection. I manually count about 15 items. Then I do a For Each Action where I specify the collection, the Store result in text field and the index variable. Within my loop I write to the log the values of each item. I will eventually write these to a list.


The problem is when I get to printing out the results, the count operation only counts 1 item and then when it shows me the value of that one item it is the entire xml, not the value I parsed out in my query. I can't figure out why. Here are some of the actions.


2-12-2016 3-58-48 PM.jpg

2-12-2016 4-01-10 PM.jpg

2-12-2016 4-02-07 PM.jpg

2-12-2016 4-03-06 PM.jpg

2-12-2016 4-03-48 PM.jpg

2-12-2016 4-05-20 PM.jpg


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.