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send email with attachment

Question asked by bshresth on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by mmatsako


I am very new to Nintex and SharePoint 2013. I have a requirement to create a form that allows user to fill some textboxes, attach some files and upon submission it sends email to a nominated account with all the details including attachments. 


Form name : Invoice Submission


Field name: Project Name

Field Name: Project Code

Percentage of cost:

Logic if user checked a checkbox "has multiple project code (Sum of project code should be 100%)

ability to attach files upto 10 items

When user submits the form it should send email to specified email address with file attachment.


I tried option 1 where:

I created a list item in sharepoint 2013 and selected edit with Nintex form, by default it gives me attachment control to allow file upload. I don't know how to trigger email generation with file attachment from here. I do not want user to show any files they have uploaded in the list.. It should be just a traditional Form (aspx style) Page when they submit it should say "Successfully submitted". After I failed to trigger email notification I tried option 2 using workflow by referring


The logic for show hide either single or multiple project code, I tried Show or hide controls with Rules in Nintex Forms  when I was trying to create form in option 1.


I need some direction as to how this can be achieved.