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Why is Query XML changing the format of date?

Question asked by nyeman17 on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by nyeman17

We have a day off request where associates can select multiple day offs in one request. this is done by using a repeating section in the form. We then query the information from the repeating section into html and store it into a variable. Then we update the column with displaying the html information.

This is how the information is shown in the column. It works great! But we need to go one step further.

Image 1.jpg

We one another column to display ONLY the first Day Off Date Requested(We can have up-to 14 requested days). The reason being is because we want to sort by the first requested day, rather than created by.


We have tried...






1)substring(DayOff,4,3)+""+substring(DayOff,7,3)+","+substring(DayOff,23,5)----- this code in the form value. It displays the data as FEB 11, 2016. We want 2/11/2016 but cannot get it to work. We do not know why the site is formatting to say the month as FEB and not 2.


2) We have thought about querying another variable and then pulling the information for just the fist date, didn't work.

3) we had an if then formula to change the FEB to 1 on all months, didn't work.



Just wondering if anyone knows how to make this work?