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Select default in multiple list lookup

Question asked by jenstb on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by kdelcastillo

Hi guys,


Im currently working on a Nintex form, where i want an item in my list lookup to be selected by default.


Thats an easy task if i use the "list" display format and use this script:


var findBank = ["Bank3"];

NWF$('#' + lookUpList + ' option').filter(function(){

       return findBank.indexOf(NWF$(this).text()) > -1;

}).prop('selected', true);


The problem is the customer wants the display format "default" beacuse Add/Remove selection box is much more user friendly.




So the question is: how do i make an item defualt added?


list lookup.PNG
It should look like the above when the form is opened.




Jens Bräuner