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Create multiple items with user prompts

Question asked by on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by janeyres

I need to create a list that has a sort of Parent-Child relationship. A user will submit a request to have a certain type of code updated. There may be 1 or more codes within that type that will need to be updated. If there is only one code, no problem. But if there are 2 or more codes I would like a workflow to create a new list item that takes some information from the initial request but also prompts the user to enter in the code for that new list item. Once they enter in the code, and click save, a prompt should come up asking if they have more to add. They would click yes or no and the workflow would either loop back through creating another item and having the user enter the code for that item or the workflow would end depending on if they choose yes or no.


Any help would be great!