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Nintex Form on Flexitask and some questions

Question asked by daniel.will on Feb 11, 2016
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Hi all,


i'am new to Nintex Forms and testing it with a flexi task and run into a few problems. So i hope you can help the newbee


On the standard flexi task the "Element" is a link to the the workflow item, if i edit the flexi task with nintex forms it is only the name but not a link.

How can i get a link behind the element name?


In my flexi task options i have configured that a user must add a comment, if he rejects the task. This works fine with the nintex standard, but the Nintex Form is not interested in this configuration

How can i validate this?


I put the Page View Control on my form and linked it to the itemURL, this works finde, but is there a way to autosize the item to the framsize of the control?


Cheers from germany