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How assign a task to an initiator after they reject it.

Question asked by realgoon09 on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2017 by mmatsako

Hello guys, i have an issue. i am trying to create a workflow that when the initiator submits the form, it creates a task to lets say a manager, the manager now has the ability to assign different task to other 3 different PMM.  1 of the pmm rejects and the other 2 approve, i want the Manger to be able to assign another task to the pmm who rejected it with out ending the workflow. below is a pic of my design. if you have any question , would be happy to answer asap.






scope 2.PNG



a small view of all



Andrew Glasser, Chris Ben, James Cragle, Eric Harris. need help asap please