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How can i have better control on return page from a form webpart ?

Question asked by ebardoux on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by deanvirag

Here is my case :

I have created a list to manage the discussions i can have around a topic. So in this list, i have a column with the ID of the topic to be able to filter on a discussion.

I have created a generic page with a url filter that allow me to :

- display the topic information

- display the discussions around this topic

- display a form to post a new discussion item in the list. in this form, there is an hidden field that will capture from the url the appropriate ID of the topi to store.

So i call this page with http://...../page?topic=x


My issue is that the form is included here using the form webpart. And when i submit the form, the best i can have is that the page is reloading, but wihtout the parameter in the url, so i can see every discussion on all topic.

How can i force the form to keep the url parameter when submitting ?