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sequential workflow - failure to send approval

Question asked by on Feb 8, 2016
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Hi All,


I have following workflow which i copied from one website. The purpose of this workflow is Sequential Approval Workflow. The issue is that workflow is not  sending approval to the second user and so on listed in the reviewer column. It keep sending approval email to the first person. Please advise is there anything i am missing in this workflow.


Note: i am new to sharepoint and nintex and learning by examples and trial and eror effort. Sorry if i miss anything basic steps.


The steps of the workflow are detailed below. This create approval task in the order that the approvers were listed. This allows the approval tasks to be created one at a time rather than all at once, and if a single approver breaks the chain, either break the workflow or escalate a change.





Workflow Variables

Create the following workflow variables.



Create a Regular Expression

In order to create the Foreach loop, we need to populate a variable of type Collection with the users that will be approving the workflow. For the input text, “Insert Reference” is used to apply the column containing the Approvers to the Input Text and a semi-colon “;” is used as split pattern.




Sharepoint Document libary - reviewer column



For each Loop

Regular Expression is ued to creates the collection which can be parsed by the loop. the userCollection is used as the target collection which stores the individual user that is the current approve of the workflow process.




The request approval screen shot is shown below along with the settings. The Store task IDs in "userCollection".