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How can I use Store Data and Retrieve Data ?

Question asked by zaert on Feb 5, 2016
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My situation

I have two workflow. My first workflow (the main/parent if you prefered) start my second workflow (the child).

In my second workflow, we can tell that I create a text variable like : varDataChild = "Hello world {ID}" => It's only for exemple but its more complicated than that.


What I want

I want to get varDataChild (provide from my second workflow) into my first workflow (parent/main).

To do this, two steps :

     - I add a "Store Data" action in my second workflow

     - I add a "Retrieve Data" action in my first workflow



I'd tried different things to understand how these actions work but I don't really see how can I configure this and if they needs special set up (for the variable for example ...)


If someone can help with a basic example, it will be really helpfull =) For example, just retrieve text data (set up in my child/second workflow) in my first workflow