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Update Multiple Line (Enhanced) Column Type with a hyperlink using Update List Item Workflow

Question asked by ajbiddle87 on Feb 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by raquelm

Good afternoon,


I'm attempting to create a project history log of completed tasks and uploaded documents for our sharepoint site. For example, when a user uploads a document, it will trigger this workflow and concatenate the current project history field (which is a multiple line column type) with details about this new document upload, including a hyperlink to the document. Its an effort to centralize all actions into one place if someone wanted to get caught up or learn more about what has happened in the project.


I've figured out how to construct all my strings and update the multiple line project history field with the format I desire, but I can not get a hyperlink to appear in the multiple line field. It always comes out as plain text. If I manually open the field, delete a letter and replace it, sharepoint automatically converts it to a URL. I want a clickable URL from a workflow.


How can I use a nintex workflow to make this work? All the formatting attempts I've tried haven't worked, from trying to update the field using '{url, description}' with and without curly brackets, using html <a href></a> tags, creating a hyperlink column then inserting that reference, and even changing the return type from string, to description, to plain text just to cover all bases. Nothing seems to work.


Is this just not possible OOTB? If it has to exist as plain text, its better than nothing, but its certainly not elegant and will become cluttered and hard to read over time. Any solution to what I am trying to accomplish is appreciated!!!