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Create Site action - nintex forms not published with template

Question asked by jan.markgraf on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by hedgehog


I have this issue with Create Site action in Nintex Workflow where it seem not to publish forms created with Nintex Forms in a site template.


Scenario: I have created a site template with workflows and some nintex forms (regular list forms and task forms). I have then created a workflow which at some point creates a subsite from the given template. Everything is working fine, except for Nintex Forms. They are present in the newly created site, BUT but they're not published, so the site displays regular Sharepoint forms. I can go to Nintex Forms setting on a list for example and manually publish the form, but in our case, I really need the forms to get published automatically.


Is there anything I can do, so that the forms get published?


Also it seems odd to me, that workflows are published correctly, but forms are not.


Thank you