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Query List not working on 5k plus item list

Question asked by darren1372 on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by darren1372

Hi, I am experiencing a weird issue with my Nintex workflow where I am querying a list that holds more than 5K plus items.

When it tries to parse the query list action it errors, returning  can't complete action due to list view threshold.

I normally get round this by putting the query action in an action set and set it to run under the published author - an account with admin rights -can view large lists..
However, it is no longer working. What is even stranger, I have a different workflow (that runs under the same admin account) and queries the same list with 5k plus items in it and completes without error!


The workflows don't actually run on the list that holds the 5k plus items, they run on other lists and then query the 5k plus item list.


I created a basic workflow on the site where the list resides with just the query list action in it, running under an account with both Farm and site collection admin rights and it still errors. I even kicked off the workflow with the same admin account, but still returns cannot complete action due to list view threshold.


Not sure why one workflow is working, querying the same list with 5k +  items in and returning results and other workflows -running under same admin account, querying the same list, are not?


Have I hit some limit somewhere?

Anyone else experienced this issue?