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Task Form Fields

Question asked by angelfish42 on Feb 3, 2016
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I have been editing the task form on the workflow


I have had no problems with moving the fields around to make the form more user friendly.  The one thing I have noticed all the fields are "linked" so when the form is viewed it shows all the fields form the submitted form.


Unfortunately two of the fields which were picked up were incorrect.  It showed two external fields - country and territory code



These fields are not used in the original form.  So I put the correct fields in the form - but these were lookups in the original form, so I put these in the task form.


So now when the approver goes to the form they are not viewing the country or code which was originally picked, they have to pick the country and code again as it is a required field.


So my question is this - how do I get the correct fields in the task form?  They do not seem to be available in the controls in use



Hope that makes sense.