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Form elements with validation rules not responding as expected

Question asked by tmunroe on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by tbeduneau

Using Nintex Forms for Office 365


I have a development and a production instance and I'm seeing some issues with a rule that works fine in dev and doesn't work in production.


The rule in question compares values if (selected or empty) on a form, basically a request Status, (drop down menu) that is not in 'Draft' status, (there's 3 other options) or RequestType [drop down menu] that isn't either 'Deactivate Account or Modify Account, (there are 5 other options).


The rule:

if(((Status!='Draft')||(not(RequestType=='Deactivate Account' or 'Modify Account'))),isNullOrEmpty({Self}))


In development the rule properly invalidates several drop downs as not required, giving form fillers the option of not entering as much information for certain request types.


In production, the rule is ignored, keeping the elements as required, even though based on conditions selected they should not.


Has anyone else had this problem?