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Office 365 Create List Item issue to set a Task's item Title / Task Name

Question asked by sharepointfrancois on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by sharepointfrancois

We are having an issue with a workflow action that creates an item in a different list using "Office 365 Create List Item".

It works fine with other list and content type, but this one hangs, asking to fill in the value "Title(Title)" which is already set in the action.


Why it seems fails ?

- because of the "two" name for Title in Task Content type.

The Content Type in use is inherited from the default OOB: "Task"

In the list column the Title column shows as Title but in the Content Type it changes its display name to read "Task Name" (default OOB behaviour)


Which means that when the workflow runs, it tries to set a value to [Title] form value {Current Item:Title} and returns

Value for required field 'Title(Text)' must be specified;

I also tried to set the "Task Name" but it also tells me Title(Text) must be specified.


Help  !

how to set a Task item in target task list ?


thank you in advance.