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Update an item if it exists, create it if it does not exist?

Question asked by stempb on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by jesse.mchargue

I am brand new to Nintex.


What I am trying to do is import some data into a Sharepoint list using a Nintex workflow.    I would like to be able to lookup the item based off of a key.   If the item exists then I want to update it.  If it does not exist then I want to create it. 


I can see how to update and item, I can see how to add an item,  I can see how to query a list of items based off of a key.  


I have not worked out the details but I think I might need to do the following:


I thought I would process my input collection a value.  Look each key up in my target list.   If I get results returned, update the item.    No results then add the item.   Hopefully there is an easier way to do this?    If so how?