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Mobile form freezing and closing with all data lost

Question asked by harfmt on Feb 1, 2016
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I have a rather large form that publishes and opens fine on the ipad. We access our network via a VPN. I'm looking into the vpn as I think it could possibly be disconnecting half way through the form. At this point the form freezes and when I go to the ipad home button to check the VPN app, then go back into the form which is now in draft, all the data has disappeared. I've never experienced data disappearing out of a mobile form before. The data is normally captured into a draft without having to save it there when the VPN or internet connection is lost. If I save the form to draft a number of times as I populate it, the data is not lost when it freezes.


This is occurring consistently with this form. And it seems to be always around the same area of the form, but that could be coincidence. I've attached the form. It seems to freeze around the 5.06 section of the form. The form has a lot of controls and rules but runs fine in the 'Desktop' version.


Nintex Forms 2010: 1.8.00

Nintex Mobile: 3.8

Nintex Forms API: