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How to fire a workflow only when an item is modified

Question asked by sharepointsean on Feb 2, 2016
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Here is my situation.

I have a list that has been created for submitting Purchase Order Requisitions. I have two different workflows against the same list.

The first workflow fires when a new PO is created and saved. Workflow number 1 does the following:

1. Checks the company name that the PO is for.

2. Creates a PO number with a certain prefix before the number depending on the company.

3. Moves to the approval process where it checks a Set Condition against a dollar value.

4. Approved or rejected by your boss. Then moves on to be approved or rejected by Accounting.

This workflow is set to start automatically and start when items are created, as seen below:


The above scenario works very well and is doing everything correctly.

The second workflow is a copy of the first workflow, but with the steps for the creation of Purchase Order number removed. I want this workflow to run if and or when someone modifies the original purchase order. I have set the workflow settings for the second (or modification workflow) as seen below:


My problem is, that when testing the creation of a new Purchase Order Requisition the first workflow fired correctly and sent out notifications and created the Purchase Order number. Part way through the first workflow process the second workflow (the modification workflow) started and sent out notifications and running through the workflow process.

Can Nintex have two or more workflows on the same list at the same time?

What is the best way to run the modification workflow so that it will only run if someone modifies the Purchase Order after it has been created?

How or what can I do to get the modification workflow to check what has been edited and depending on the edit made to the purchase order start the approval process again (as an example, if the dollar value of the Purchase Order has increased it needs to go through the approval process again)?


Any assistance is appreciated.


Thank you