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Getting data out of a Nested Repeating Section

Question asked by hinesdev on Feb 2, 2016
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I need help parsing the data out of a nested repeating section.  I have an expense report form/workflow that I have created.  In it I am trying to allow for a user to allocate a receipt.  The Allocation details are in the nested repeating section. 


All of my fields are labeled.  I can see them when I do a dump of the xml into a multi-line text field.



As I process through the steps to use the XML data, I can see the data from the first part of the repeating section, but not the nested section.



If I try to use the fn-XmlDecode(TravelExpRepeatSectionXML) on the XML data before parsing through the XML data, it looks at my data and only sees one Item rather than 2.



Will someone please help me to parse through the XML so that I can export the data into useable items.


Thank you!