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Form within (and as part of) a Workflow?

Question asked by jastc on Feb 1, 2016
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Hi I'm pretty new with Nintex;


I've built a training request form for my company - but am stuck on how to fit part of our process in.


I've set a condition for my training request form to move forward in one direction if it's less than 100 dollars. What I need is the ability for another form to be automatically prompted (and hopefully created) within this workflow if the conditions aren't met (it's over 100 and out of territory)


Is this a possibility? If the form is generated for under 100 dollars - and available in territory  it has one set of approvals. If it's over 100 dollars and out of Territory I need trainees to fill out the form which will request funding - and go through a different set of approvals. Can this form be filled out in the workflow?


Thanks for your time, and sorry if this is confusing!