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Require all approvers to complete assigned task

Question asked by albert on Feb 1, 2016
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I am currently using a workflow to keep track of an application process that mainly takes place outside of SharePoint, but that has to be recorded for audit purposes. A variable amount of people receive an application and they need to decide whether they approve it or not. I need to receive and store the feedback of all of these people.


The workflow currently uses a flexi task to introduce the names of the approvers, as these change depending on the application, and then a Request Approval task assigns a task to each person. I would like the workflow to continue even if someone rejects the application, as I am trying to get everyone's feedback. I also do not want the workflow to complete itself if a certain number of people approve (eg if I use the vote option and the required amount of people approve).


Is this even possible with the Request Approval task, or should I be using a different one?