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Workflow Errors "Randomly" - "Error retrieving context data"

Question asked by quinleroux on Jan 31, 2016
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Upfront apologies from this newbie if this question has been raised / answered - I did try searching a number of sites before posting.


I get intermittent errors on a workflow that I've created and I cannot find what is the cause. I initially thought it was time based (and changed every setting I could find to allow for maximum duration), but no longer think so. This is the error I get:

"Error retrieving context data. Cannot find item with id xx in list 'AIR Register'. Check the user has at least read permissions. Current user xxx"


The user created the item that kicked off the workflow, so I know he/she has the correct permission level in the "AIR Register" list. If I terminate the [now errored] workflow and re-start, and approve, it works fine through to completion.


This error does not happen in every instance... I'd say it only happens ~10% of the time and I've yet to find the common denominator / cause, except this - a workflow has NEVER failed/errored that I've approved/responded to with a couple of hours. As soon as more than a day or 3 has passed... well, anything can happen.


Any help would be very much appreciated.


Thank you.