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Workflow will not open...

Question asked by mark.greene on Jan 28, 2016
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Have a WF in O365 and have tried several times to open this up and make edits but continue to get the following error:


Error opening a workflow. Cannot set unknown member 'NintexActivities.WorkflowXaml_b01f72cc_6e32_4ce3_9621_36d003d2e8e0.AuthUrl'.

Correlation ID: 7c0566d1-a096-4d78-a321-280582ca4fd2

Tenant ID: ba68103f-7f31-4fb1-b884-021506ec4922

Time (UTC): 2016-01-29 04:04:22


Please advise. Would like to get this resolved ASAP!


Thank you.


Mark -